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Keep 100% of your Surcharge. We offer daily cash settlement and weekend settlement on Mondays for maximum convenience. Our ATMs are connected to all major debit and credit card networks, including Plus, Visa, Cirrus, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Pulse, NYCE, Accel/Exchange, AFFN, CU24, Quest, and Star. This comprehensive network connectivity helps ensure a high ATM transaction approval rate for smooth, reliable customer experiences.

Our global banking partnerships enable us to process cards from banks across the world, providing cash access for international travelers and diverse customer bases. With robust connectivity, daily settlements, and convenience features like weekend settlement, we aim to create the most accessible, reliable ATM experience possible for our customers.

ATM Setup Made Easy

Hassle-free ATM setup and programming, Regardless of whether you’re setting up a brand-new ATM or reprogramming an existing one, our experienced technicians will assist you in configuring your ATM to seamlessly integrate with our processing system, absolutely free of charge. Unlike other ATM companies that burden you with fees, our ATM Processing service is 100% FREE.

Contract-Free ATM Processing

Most ATM processing companies trap you in lengthy, inflexible contracts ranging from 4 to 7 years. At Greenpoint ATM Solutions, we believe in earning your trust instead of committing you to a long-term agreement. Our approach is simple: sign up without any contract obligations. Experience our services firsthand, and we guarantee you’ll want to stay. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, you’re free to walk away at any time, no strings attached.

Monitoring & Reporting

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ATM Management at Your Fingertips

Greenpoint ATM Solutions offers a robust suite of tools and reporting to ensure seamless oversight and control over your ATM operations.

Online Web Portal

All Greenpoint ATM Solutions processing customers enjoy free, unlimited access to our intuitive web portal. This powerful platform provides real-time insights into your ATM terminal’s status, cash levels, and transaction details, ensuring you have a pulse on your operations at all times.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

The convenience of our web portal extends to your mobile devices. With dedicated apps for both iOS and Android, you can monitor and manage your ATM from anywhere, anytime.

Robust Transaction Reporting

Access a wide range of in-depth reporting functions through our web portal, including daily, monthly, and yearly transaction summaries, cash balances, dispensed amounts, and more. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Low Cash Notifications

Never let your ATM run dry. Set a custom cash level threshold and receive timely notifications when cash levels dip below your defined limit.

Terminal Inactivity Alerts

Ensure your ATM remains active and accessible, especially in high-traffic locations. Configure alerts to notify you when your terminal goes idle for a specified period, allowing you to promptly address any potential issues.

Error Notifications

In the unlikely event of an error, our automatic error reporting system will immediately alert you, enabling swift resolution and minimizing downtime.

With Greenpoint ATM Solutions’ comprehensive ATM management tools, powered by Switch Commerce you’ll enjoy unparalleled control, visibility, and peace of mind over your ATM operations.

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